Why Endanger Languages?

W atching the Kimyal tribe respond when they received the complete Bible translated into their own language makes me excited! It rekindles in me the deep interest in Bible translation that I’ve tucked away in recent years.

But it also raises questions for me.

  • Why are new English translations greeted with indifference, or worse with hostility?
  • How disappointed would the Kimyal have been if Ezekiel (for example) had been excluded from their new Bibles?
  • How much would I miss Ezekiel in my Bible?
  • Why haven’t I heard more reference to Ezekiel in my church experience?
  • What would happen if we spent as much time and money translating the Bible as we spend on teaching ESL/EFL?
  • What do the Kimyal better understand about God and his works because they have the Bible in their own language?
  • Around God’s throne how much richer will our praise be because the Kimyal have that understanding?

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