Refusals for Everyday

B efore boarding the Facebook bandwagon and neglecting this blog, I had stored up a bunch of draft posts that never saw the light of day. I’ve been reviewing them and even though some have lost their currency there are some worth sharing.

Tying in with my recent posts about goals and annual reports, I was struck by the continued relevancy of the “Fifteen Refusals for 2007” of Douglas Groothius on The Constructive Curmudgeon. The first two seemed particularly apropos:

1. I refuse to waste time on trivia: that means 95% of popular culture. Instead, I will center on study, teaching, preaching, writing, and mentoring.

2. I refuse to accept the anti-intellectualism (and even misology) of American evangelicalism. Instead I will teach, preach, and write in ways that demand concentration; I will write what ignites the intellect; I will preach as deeply as I can and dare you to come with me.

Interestingly, somewhere along the line I stopped reading The Constructive Curmudgeon, no doubt part of one of my periodic purges of my always growing group of news feeds. Now I’m tempted to add it again. There’s lots of interesting material to read!

However, today, and hopefully every day, I will refuse to add another bit of “interesting” unless is is also compelling and essential.

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