Family's future grim

T en-year-old Sara Mohammed might never return to school. Her father, Hamid Mohammed, was poisoned during a Kali puja at a neighbour’s home last week.
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He died leaving behind three daughters, and an ailing wife unable to work.
He died penniless. The family home, at the end of a gravel road, is a crooked wooden hovel. The land at Julien Trace belongs to the State.
Hamid Mohammed, 31, was a cane cutter.
His wife, Babita, has not stopped crying since his death last Wednesday, at Ramsabad Trace, Penal.
Mohammed drank what he believed was a soft drink.
Police are waiting for the results of a toxicology report before the Director of Public Prosecutions gets the investigation file.
Two other men, fellow villagers Ricky Gangadar, 35, and Mahadeo Rampaul, were also poisoned but survived.
Police said the prime suspect in the case is a woman who allegedly wanted to poison a man. Mohammed drank most of the liquid and died.
Yesterday, Babita Mohammed said: “I am grieving for my husband. But I am grieving more for what is going to happen to our children.”
Mohammed’s funeral was paid for through village donations.
Relatives are staying with the family until next week.
Babita Mohammed fears for when they leave.
“What will happen to us then? I am sick. I can’t walk good. I willing to work. But I cant do anything hard.The baby I am frightened for. How will I care for her? She is only four months old.”
Sara, a Third Standard primary school pupil, suffers with a bowel ailment and underwent surgery last year.
Four-year-old Hassina was born with severe muscle weakness to the right side of the body. She needs help to walk.
Their mother said: “I don’t have money. Not even a empty bank account. My husband died with me in the ambulance. I don’t think I will ever understand why it happened.”
She added: “I wished I had a rich relative to help. All of them just trying to make it. I have nobody.
“I begging people don’t leave me like this. Help the children. My daughter asking how will she go back to school. But where will I get the money?”

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