A famous Canadian (is that an oxymoron?) once said, “The medium is the message.” Chris Taylor of Legacy Baptist Church, Arkansas, contends that “The building is the message” (or something close to that) in his article Our Architecture and Our Message on The Gospel Outpost. He writes in part:

At the same time though, I believe the contemporary architecture of today’s churches that is intended to enhance our evangelistic effort, express subtle, unintended messages that are actually counter-productive. Casual and informal are seen as careless and unimportant. Comfortable and relaxed are interpreted as complacent and optional. What’s even more alarming is that the message proclaimed from these new structures is just as comfortable, relaxed, complacent and optional. Moralistic platitudes have replaced the bold, life-changing message of the Gospel. The central theme is no longer Christ and Him crucified, but man and him satisfied.

HT: Tim Challies
BTW, the famous Canadian is Marshall McLuhan.

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