Nothing New

I came across this wonderful list of objections to “new” music… penned in 1723 by Thomas Symmes (writing in New England responding to those who objected to singing the psalms to new tunes).

  1. It is a new way, an unknown tongue.
  2. It is not so melodious as the usual way.
  3. There are so many new tunes, we shall never have done learning them.
  4. The practice creates disturbances and causes people to behave indecently and disorderly.
  5. It is Quakerish and Popish and introductive of instrumental music.
  6. The names given to the notes are bawdy, even blasphemous.
  7. It is a needless way, since our fathers got to heaven without it.
  8. It is a contrivance to get money.
  9. People spend too much time learning it, they tarry out nights’ disorderly.
  10. They are a company of young upstarts that fall in with this way, and some of them are lewd and loose persons.

(HT: Fundamentally Reformed)

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