"Will Anyone Want the Baton I Am Passing?"

O ver at MondayMorningInsight.com, they recently posted an interesting article, “MondayMorningInsight.com > Will Anyone Want the Baton I Am Passing?“.
While in Canada this year, I began to wonder what would happen to so many of the churches we had contact with. Where would the pastors come from? Bible colleges and seminaries seem to be preparing men for a different ministry context than that of most of the churches we visited. Maybe the churches will just fade away, while new ones arise.
bq.. Just before we formed the groups I was interviewing a student leader about the kinds of questions we should ask. I thought I knew this subject inside and out, until he asked me this: “Why would we want the baton you are passing to us?
He went on to point to the example of his twenty-something peers who are deciding to take control of their own economic lives by forming or joining start-up companies. They have no intention of waiting around for Baby Boomers to give them opportunities within the Boomer-designed system. Why wait for the day when they might pass the baton (if that day ever comes) when I can be a self-employed entrepreneur right now?
p.. I expect a big part of the problem is that we are trying to pass the wrong baton.

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