To Die For?

W ayne over at ekklesia wrote today about things worth dying for. He includes a bit of history from John Piper:
bq. On March 20, 1531 in the Netherlands a Baptist named Sicke Snyder (proper name, Freerks) was beheaded for being baptized as a believer. In the Criminal Sentence Book of the Court of Friesland, it reads: “Sicke Freerks, on this 20th of March, 1531, is condemned by the Court to be executed with the sword; his body shall be laid on the wheel, and his head set upon a stake, because he has been rebaptized, and perseveres in that baptism.”
Is baptism to die for?
Recently I’ve been thinking through doctrine and separation. This just provokes me further. Watch for more on this topic.

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