Review: Awesome God

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Some months ago I heard of an offer to receive a free CD in exchange for reviewing it on my blog. After receiving the CD and enjoying it with our children, I neglected to write the review. I was reminded of it again on Saturday as I overheard our 8 year old daughter singing one of the songs. Here is the review…. long overdue.
Our children (ages 10, 8 & 5) really enjoy listening to [_Awesome God_] produced by Sovereign Grace Ministries. The lyrics are doctrinally sound and memorable. Our children have memorized the majority of the 12 songs included on the CD. As a father concerned for their spiritual well-being I’m glad they have. They enjoy the music meaning that they’ll come back to it again and again. The words are not the standard worship fare. They are thought provoking and focus on God and His work in salvation through Jesus Christ.
We do come down on different sides of the style issue though. While our children prefer the more upbeat, overdriven guitar and heavy bass songs (like “Almighty Creator” and “Your Love”), my wife and I prefer the more laid back, acoustic guitar and keyboard based songs (like “Sovereign One” and “Who is Like You?”). We compromise and listen to all of the tracks, usually in random mode, despite the occasional complaint from the back seats that the music is ‘too boring.” My wife and I do struggle through “Forever God”. While emphasizing an important doctrinal point, we find the repetition of “on and on and on, on and on and on forever” to be too much. It may work okay for kids, but we won’t be adding it to our congregational singing.
As an added bonus, the CD includes four interchangeable cover options “just for the fun of it.” We think this is great idea and change between them periodically.
(I first became aware of Sovereign Grace Ministries while looking for information on GLAD. Bob Kauflin, writer and arranger for the group, is now director of worship development for Sovereign Grace Ministries. Bob blogs at Worship Matters.)

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