R ecently on the Logos blog, Daniel Foster posted about using the Graphical Query Editor. There’s a link to a Graphical Query Editory Tutorial and to a user’s post who presents a graphical query to search for a doctrinal concept, “preservation of Scripture”.

I had been thinking about this topic while in Trinidad and planned to do some reading on it. One thing pushed out another and I forgot about my intention. My interest was recently rekindled when the topic came up on the Evangelical Textual Criticism blog. It started with an interview with Daniel Wallace. He stated:

For example, I am not convinced that the Bible speaks of its own preservation. That doctrine was first introduced in the Westminster Confession, but it is not something that can be found in scripture.

That caught my attention and prompted sjgathers to respond. Following up on that P J Williams posted an discussion with Bill Combs about divine preservation and linked to this DBTS article, “The Preservation of Scripture.”

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