Breaking the Da Vinci Code : Answers to the Questions Everyone's Asking

by Darrell L. Bock

Having buried my head in the sand, I figured that with the upcoming release of the movie based on Dan Brown’s novel _The Da Vinci Code_ that I had better get acquainted. A couple of weeks ago I read the novel in a 36 hour time period. It was hard to put down. I enjoyed reading it. It is well written and kept me turning pages.
Of course (given my background), I was troubled by many of the assertions. While I kept reminding myself that it is just “a novel”, I couldn’t help but think that there was something insidious going on. I am careful using the “slippery slope” argument, but I believe Dan Brown’s novel goes beyond the slippery slope.
Darrell Bock confirms this my thinking. When summarizing his book he writes:
bq. _The Da Vinci Code_ is not a mere work of fiction dressed in the clothes of quasi nonfiction. It reflects an effort to represent and, in some cases, rewrite history with a selective use of ancient evidence that it ironically claims was the failing of the old story. It reflects an effort to redefine one of the key cultural forces standing at the base of Western civilization, the Christian faith. It claims to expose something that is not there.

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