Pastor Sues to Get Job Back

I came across this a few weeks ago… so the news is pretty stale, but I continue to be amazed at how Christians handle their conflict:
bq.. **Pastor Sues To Get Job Back**
COLUMBUS, Ohio — A local pastor is suing to get his job back at a Columbus church, but congregation members say they don’t want him in the pulpit.
The Rev. Alvin Ballinger appeared in court Friday because he had recently been fired as pastor of St. Mark’s Missionary Baptist Church, NBC 4’s Erin Tate reported.
Ballinger is suing for improper termination. Directors on the church’s board said they were only acting on behalf of the majority of their congregation.
“We felt we had the power and right to do it and anyone in our position would do the same thing,” said Anthony Wilson, director of the church.
Board member said Ballinger was fired, in part, because he married several couples in the church in 2005 without a license to do so in Ohio. The Secretary of State’s office said Ballinger was not licensed through its office until last month.
“I think this is all a communication problem and a misunderstanding that can be resolved,” said Byron Potts, Ballinger’s attorney.
A magistrate decided Friday that Ballinger will be restored to his position temporarily.
“We’re disappointed at what we’ve heard today that this person will be back in charge of the church,” Wilson said.
Ballinger will remain in the position until a mediator can take an official vote from the congregation on the matter.

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