Eminent Christians: William Carey

A short while ago a list of “The 50 Most Influential Christians in America” was released. Several have blogged about their opinions on the list and about who did and didn’t belong.
I’m thrilled to see that Michael Haykin is taking it a step further. He’s blogging a list of Eminent Christians from church history. Number one on his list is the Baptist missionary William Carey.
We have been reading a biography for family devotions. It has been very rewarding. Hailed by many for his work, I love Carey’s analysis, “I can plod and persevere,” he once said of his work in India. Shortly before he died he wrote:
bq. “I have no wish that anyone should write or say anything about me; let my memorial sleep with my body in the dust and at the last great day all the good or evil which belongs to my character will be fully known. My great concern now is to be found in Christ. His atoning sacrifice is all my hope.”

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