Cops keep tabs on Muslim group

A s published in The Trinidad Guardian Online Edition
Police are monitoring the activities of Umar Abdullah and his followers although they say no reports of threats from the group have been made by British and American interests in the country.

The response comes in the wake of threats from an anonymous caller to the Guardian’s offices on Wednesday against American and British businesses in T&T.
A senior Special Branch officer confirmed yesterday that Abdullah’s activities have been monitored by the division for over a year.
However, the source said no reports of threats by Abdullah’s group was ever made to police.
Police said they would not take lightly any group making threats such as those reportedly made by Abdullah’s Waajihatul Islaamiyah.
Asked if police would be able to respond to such threats if they ever became reality, the source said they would respond as best as they can with the available intelligence.
Abdullah was brought to public attention after an Express article last November in which his group, aka the Islamic Front, was said to be behind planned attacks on the US Embassy and British nationals.
The article claimed FBI, CIA and British SAS agents were in the country investigating the group’s activities.
Abdullah’s activities were also highlighted last month on the web site, in which former Government Minister Sadiq Baksh was interviewed.
The article,

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