"Message of hope to all people"

(as published in The Trinidad Guardian Online Edition)
In a small mandir tucked in Rambert Village, La Romin, a young woman gently wipes statues of Mother Durga and Lord Krishna.
The scent of incense burns, and a deya flickers at the feet of a large Shiva lingum, the epitome of Lord Shiva.
The woman, Dolly Gobinlal, hums a bhajan as she cleans, oblivious to the world around.
When she is finished, devotee Subhash Calpu, a teacher of the Princes Town Senior Secondary School, walks in.
Calpu picks up a teaspoon of milk and offers it to the mouth of Mother Durga. Miraculously, the milk disappears.

Many others arrive later to offer milk and prayers, as they beg for blessings.
For Calpu and Gobinlal, the sign of the murties drinking milk is a message of hope. A sign that, despite all obstacles, belief in God will be a driving force of strength and fortitude.
Gobinlal said on election night while ballots were being counted, statues of Mother Durga and Lord Krishna began accepting the milk offerings at the Rambert Village Shiva mandir.

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