What is ah Trini? (Trini perspective)

W hat is ah Trini? Is how yuh go define dat one? Dey have plenty dat born right here, who navel string bury right in dey own back yard, but when yuh study dem good, yuh has to wonder. Den again, it have plenty plenty Trini dat wasn’t born widin ah thousand mile of T&T, never had no kinda connection before dey reach and discover dey was home. So is what is ah Trini?

De “easy” answer is ah question of attitude. Yuh have to unnerstan how to lime in all de varying form and flavours. Yuh could mek ah lime, yuh could buss a lime and most of de time yuh could jes drop in on somebody else lime and by de end of it, everybody swear it was you whey start de lime. But ah true-true Trini also know is no way dat yuh could “schedule” ah lime.

… and den it have Carnival. Is only ah Trini could wuk all day, fete all night and be back in de wuk wid bout 10 minutes sleep and plenty grog in dey head for weeks at ah time, and doh find nuttin strange wid dat. And is only ah Trini who go “walk 100 miles” on Carnival Day when dey does want to jump in dey car to buy ah papers down by de corner de rest ah de year. And is only ah Trini woman who KNOW she looking good in de smallest corstume (dat she trim down more) whether she weighing 98 or 298 pounds…and really and truly de women does real look good Carnival time.

And what about de weekend before Carnival? De season formerly known as Christmas? Is only ah Trini who could vegetarian all year, but who bong to must have ah taste of ham and eh see no problem wid dat. Is only ah Trini who go spend out all dey money on food and grog and new curtain and red paint fuh de front step and not worry about what de future go bring. Is only ah Trini who does be most present front and centre fuh Midnight Mass every year, never mind is de first time dey seeing insde de church fuh de year. And yuh know fuh ah fact, dat it could only be ah Trini who does celebrate Divali, Eid, Christmas and everything else no matter wat religion dey born into.

And as ah say before, in all ah dis, yuh know it have people what born here dat cyar truly unnerstan none ah dis? Dey who have de birthright wasting it, not appreciating what it is we have and chasing down anyting from foreign like it going out ah style… and dat is why we mus really appreciate and always welcome de Trinis who wasn’t born here but who did know dey home when dey find it.

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