1999 New Missionaries

Our testimonies as published in ABWE’s The Message magazine (vol. 49, no. 11; Fall 1999):

1999 New Missionaries: Tim & Jane (Stecher) Bahula

Church: Glen Cairn Baptist, London, Ontario
COUNTRY: Trinidad & Tobago

Tim: I was born to godly parents and was in church the first Sunday after my birth. I learned of Christ at an early age, but it was not until I was 12 years old, at summer camp, that I saw other kids who had a relationship with God that I did not have. After a campfire challenge, I committed my life to Christ. I was confident about my faith, but shy to talk about it. My pastor strongly recommended young people attend at least one year of Bible college. My “one” year turned into six as I received an M. Div. from London Baptist Bible College and Seminary (now Heritage Baptist College and Theological Seminary.)

At that time Larry Smith, now ABWE’s Director for Central America and the Caribbean, taught at the college. Larry and his wife Bev introduced the need for training Christian leaders in Trinidad and Tobago. During my school years, I did an internship at Bibles International in Grand Rapids, Michigan, worked in AWANA, and assisted in my home church. After graduation, I supplied for a pastor who was away for nearly a year and lectured in eschatology for four years at Heritage. Last year I taught New Testament Survey at Fairview Bible College in Jamaica.

I have a passion for leadership training and theological education. We hope to work with the Baptist churches in Trinidad and Tobago, and establish a center to train men and woman so that the churches would be strengthened and the islands of the Caribbean would hear the gospel.

Jane: I came to know Christ as Savior at five years old during Vacation Bible School. As I grew older, I loved the Lord, but there were three things I did NOT want to happen in my life: 1) I did NOT want to go to Bible school; I thought people who went to Bible school just weren’t smart enough to get into university; 2) I did NOT want to marry a man who was interested in serving the Lord full-time; and 3) I did NOT want to be a missionary.

In high school I went with friends to “College Days” at London Baptist Bible College. That changed my mind about point one, and I enrolled at LBBC. Then I met Tim, and he changed my thinking about point two. After our marriage, we went with Larry and Bev Smith and a group from the college to Belize. Being part of a missions team readjusted my thinking about service for the Lord.

My mother was a great encourager and influence in my life. She prayed that God would call me into His service. I have watched God gently moving me from the things I didn’t want to do, to what HE wants us to do.