Anglicans on a mission to reclaim flock

B y DEBRA WANSER (published in Trinidad Guardian)
THE Anglican church in Trinidad and Tobago is on a mission “to reclaim its lost flock.”
Dean Knolly Clarke told the Guardian yesterday that “considerably less Anglicans are worshipping” at its churches.

Bishop Rawle Douglin further told a small gathering, at a training programme for church members organised by the Diocesan Commission on Ministry at the St Mary’s Children Home, Tacarigua: “I am not truly satisfied with the worship in our churches.”
Saying there were about 25,000 practising Anglicans in the country today, Dean Clarke pointed out the number had dwindled as many had converted to other religions, while the others who “feel marginalised are on the fence.”
Dean Clarke said the five-day seminar was intended to “stimulate and educate church members” as it was a launching pad for studies to attain a Diploma in Theology from Codrington College, Barbados.
The course, according to Dean Clarke, which the church has been hosting for the last 25 years, is open to all members as they “prepare more of them to take up roles in the clergy and laity in order to make a more meaningful contribution to the life of the church.”
He said: “The mission of a church is to reclaim, proclaim and acclaim. We need to get back our members and help them become stronger in their faith.”
Bishop Douglin, drawing on the level of commitment among Roman Catholics in this country today, called on those present to also become committed to their churches.
He told them: “Through this seminar we are being given the opportunity to check ourselves, to see if we need to look afresh at the elements which are supposed to improve our lives as Christians and buck up where we need to.”
Bishop Douglin called on those in leadership roles to motivate others and “sharpen skills afresh to help others to participate in the mission of God.”
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