bahula-bulletin: December 2015 update

Ministry Update Fall went fast! It began with co-teaching another section of Horizon’s Effective Online Teaching course. This was a smaller group of 8 students. I filled my usual role of helping students complete assignments in their sandbox course, where they have to do many of the tasks they will do when they teach their […]

August 2015 update

August 2015 update

Praise & Prayer Praise God for Ian, a student in one of our courses. “Ian and his family are doing a survey trip to Thailand in December. Since enrolling in the Horizon classes, he thinks God may be calling them to be missionaries. Their church is being proactive in seeking God’s will about sending them.” […]

Throwing Away Easter

Throwing Away Easter

N.T. Wright’s thoughts on the resurrection and Easter are invigorating me recently: So how can we learn to live as wide-awake people, as Easter people? Here I have some bracing suggestions to make. I have come to believe that many churches simply throw Easter away year by year; and I want to plead that we rethink […]

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Songs for the Easter Season: “This Changes Everything”

Today is Pentecost Sunday. That marks the end of the Easter Season. Here’s one last song to recommend, Matt Papa’s “This Changes Everything”: I grew up in a little town Used to sing in the old church house There in the pew where I used to hide Learned the story bout the man who died […]

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Songs for the Easter Season: “Death Has Lost Its Way”

It happened at Jason Gray’s Christmas Stories stop in Chatham, Ontario last December. I encountered the music of Carrollton. I hadn’t paid any attention to them, even though they are also signed to Centricity. I enjoyed their music so bought their debut EP in one of Centricity’s crazy $5 sales. When I has refining my […]

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A New Constellation

A New Constellation

Perhaps no one else would make these connections, but they are compelling to me as I’ve been thinking about resurrection power. Seth Godin, “To overcome an irrational fear…” replace it with a habit… Every day, drip, drip, drip, a habit. Not exactly life-giving, but it’s a start. Like Rodney Lover’s announcement, “Flossing My Way to […]

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Songs for the Easter Season: “Risen Today”

Songs for the Easter Season: "Risen Today"

I blogged at this time last year about the importance of singing and listening to resurrection songs. [Yes, I know that I haven’t blogged much since then. I’ve gotten over it. I hope you have too.] I’m convinced of the importance of this more than ever before. Paul makes it clear in 1 Corinthians 15 […]

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