Worship in the face of death

Carl Truemann on Tragic Worship: Christian worship should immerse people in the reality of the tragedy of the human fall and of all subsequent human life. It should provide us with a language that allows us to praise the God of resurrection while lamenting the suffering and agony that is our lot in a world […]

March 2014 update

Ministry Update There is a critical need in missions today for training pastors and leaders for the global church. With the church growing rapidly in the Majority World, what leader have likened to a theological famine is unfolding. Shallow biblical understanding and distorted theological teaching threaten this advance of the gospel. The January 2014 issue […]

A Christian Response to Death

Helpful words by John Piper from his blog post “Death: Shall We Weep or Rejoice?“: What should we conclude from this? We should conclude that our sorrows at the death of a believer are joyful sorrows, and our rejoicing at the death of a believer is a sorrowful rejoicing. There is nothing hopeless about the sorrow. […]

Recent News

Meaning-making at Seminary

I read this post recently from the Logos Bible Software Blog, “Life at Seminary: Inspiration and Advice”: What’s your favorite part of seminary? Jason: The conversations that happen after class, both with peers and with professors. You hear that lecture that stirs you up and makes you think about your faith and God in completely new […]

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Not Yet Revealed

More Spurgeon from last year’s devotional reading: We see only the beginning; God sees the end from the beginning. We spell the alphabet—alpha, beta, gamma … But from alpha to omega, God reads all at once. He knows every letter in the Book of Providence. He sees not only what He is doing, but also […]

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You Have Been Grieved

Spurgeon says that Peter gave me permission: In a moment, 1 Peter 1:6 flashed on my mind with its real meaning. “Though now for a little while, if need be, you have been grieved by various trials.” You have been made to weep, and you cannot bear your pain. You are brought to the very […]

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December 2013 update

Ministry Update Thanks for your continued prayers for us and for my ministry with Horizon. One of the highlights of the autumn was studying in the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course. It was refreshing to interact online about God’s purposes in the world with a group from around the world. As a result […]

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